Wednesday, February 8, 2006

Palestine-Israel, The joint struggle continue - Another outpost established in Bil'in 08 Feb 2006

Just distributed in the mailing list of the Anarchists Against The Wall ( Another outpost is built on the the lands of Bil'in, West side of the separation fence (in addition to the one of the Bil'in Center For Joint Struggle For Peace - also on the West side of the separation fence in adjacent place to the illegal settler town neighborhood in construction). The building of this outpost was as protest to a new confiscation of land of Bil'in villagers for construction of a military post. > After being told by the civil administration today (Tuesday) that some 6.5 > dunams will be confiscated to build on the West side of the separation fence > a watch tower near the isolated house [of the village Bil'in - few meters on the > East side of the fence], a new outpost was build [by the Palestinian and the Israeli > activists - AATW], on a lot of land adjacent to the to-be confiscated lands. > It is extremely important that people come tomorrow, as the army was > pretty insistent, already today, on trying to prevent the construction. > Call Elad for more details: 052xxxxxxxx

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