Friday, February 17, 2006

Palestine-Israel, Bil'in, Abud, Beit Surik - The joint struggle continue - Friday 17-02-06 Demonstrations

The joint struggle of Palestinian villagers with the Anarchists Against The Wall initiative against the separation wall, the robbery of villages lands and the occupation collected momentum. In addition to the holding of the two "out posts" of Bil'in during the week, three joint struggles were done jointly this Friday. The small number of the activists recruited by the Anarchist Against The Wall initiative was distributed to day three ways. About 20 to Bil'in, and about ten to each of the other two villages who held the Friday demos in parallel. As usual, the state forces invested some symbolic efforts to block the way of the Israelis to Bil'in and detained two of them who were not fast enough to evade the few soldiers allocated to the mission.

In Bil'in, about 20 internationals who came to participate in the Bil'in international conference due 20th-21st February joined the 70 Palestinians and the 20 Israelis in the traditional Friday demo going on for a whole year already.

We started the demo as usual at noon with a march towards the route of the separation fence. When we arrived there we tried first to pass through the olive orchard towards the part of fence not yet finished but today, the soldiers were ready to stop us among the olive trees... so we diverted back to the road leading to the open gate in the fence - now "blessed" by the highest court of justice as opened always for passage though the armed forces make exception in the time around the Friday demo.

There we were blocked by the border police unit about 20 meters from the passage. During the usual confrontation we advanced about 2 meters - an insult to the commander at the point who took it personally. Few shock grenades and physical pushing gained the lost two meters for the state forces and the low intensity stand still continued for a while.

After a while, people tried to get down from the road to the olive orchard in order to go around the blocking border police and get nearer to the fence. Surprisingly, the police border force did not try as usual to force our people back to the road and few dozens of them did reach the fence route and started to bang with stones on the low fence of rails bordering it. A small unit of soldiers who rushed there try to disperse the people with tear gas grenades which one of them was even thrown back to them. However, it was half hearted effort that ended without success. So the banging continued for a while till the bangers got bored and returned to the main body of the demonstration.

And then the nonviolent demonstration was declared ended, with many of the people staying near by - observing the usual confrontation between the stone throwing youngsters and the tear gas shooting state forces.

Late afternoon, the Israelis of the three parallel demonstrations met again in the busses to Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

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