Thursday, October 7, 2004

Israel-Palestine, Anarchists call for a demo tomorrow, Friday, in Tel-Aviv 1pm at "Maxim Cinema", corner King George, Sderot ben-Tzion 07/10/04

IDF murdered 13 year old girl with 20 bullets. They suspected she carried a bomb. Only books were found on her body. She just strayed from the road because of heavy morning mist. at the last awful days of the Israeli attack 86 palestinians have already been murdered. At least 15 of them are kids. 300 people injured. People with cancer cannot get their medical treatment - still the numbers are not clear. And Sharon, the Prime Minister/Murderer announced that the action will continue. The people murdered are converted to numbers. Every one who just had a glimpse of the occupied territories can imagine the children running away from armed IDF soldiers; the bombed and demolished hoses; the suffocating dust; the awful helplessness sensation arousing in the throat; the paralyzing fear; the noise of shock grenades; the tear gas; the shooting; the pain.... all the people arrested and taken from their homes.

And Sharon keep playing God; keep saying he is detaching... but the attack will continue. Keep pretend that these murdered by the Kasam rockets in the Israeli Shderot are not his fount.

And Bus pretend he is angry... and profit each minute, from each bullet. And the silence is deafening. In Tel Aviv they are preparing for the love march. And there is no marginal location without one kind of festival or another.

Just few kilometers away. no more than that. Just few kilometers is enough for people to become meaningless numbers. So it is possible to try not to see. not hearing. not to feel.

Friday meeting at 13:00 in front of Maxim movie house (Ben Zion avenue and king George intersection) for a protest march that will scream against the awful murder. Bring every thing that make noise and scream. every thing that can help to scream louder... so some one may hear, so it will not be possible to forget.

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