Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Israel-Palestine, international day against police violence and solidarity with palestine, demo in Jaffa 20/10/04

Oct 22 is international day against police violence. from rome to new york people will be demonstrating against police abuse and in solidarity with the people of palestine. join us for a demo in Jaffa, this friday oct 22 at 12:30 in front of the gesher theater (jerusalem blv, on the tel aviv side)

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The call for the demo was initiated by the Anarchists Against The Wall in association with the call of the Cretan (Greece) anarchists for 22 October international day of anarchists solidarity with the struggle in our region. Anarchist collectives of about 15 countries announced their participation in this solidarity initiative.
From the leaflet:
22 October an international day against police brutality

Demonstration against police brutality

Solidarity with Palestinians and against the wall
"When I see blood and muscle worker struggle with his/her natural enemy - the policeman, I do not need to ask myself on whose side I am"
George Orwell
There already arrived the time to stop the brutality of the wearer of uniform, whether police, IDF (army), immigration police officers, or general security service.
There is not a day without harassment, humiliation, false incrimination, beating, and "lawful" murder.


Meeting in front of the "Gesher Theater" at the Jerusalem Blv., Jaffa. Friday 22/10 12:30 @

SOLIDARITY With every one harmed by police terror: work immigrants, Palestinians both within and out of the green line border, Beduins, queers, youth, workers, refusnics, the poor strata, the prisoners in jails, the homeless, the punkists....

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