Monday, October 4, 2004

Israel/Palestine: Update on the International Day of Anarchist Solidarity against the Wall 4/10/04

Dear comrades,
At the request of the comrades in Crete, Greece, we are sending an update on the day of international anarchist solidarity which they are promoting for 22nd October 2004 in support of the non-violent struggle of the Palestinians against the Apartheid Wall being constructed in Palestine and in support of the Israeli conscientious objectors.

In Greece, the promoters of the day of solidarity will be organizing a series of events throughout the country, featuring a speaking tour with 2 members of the "Anarchists Against the Wall" initiative, from 21st October until 7th November. They will be visiting 10 Greek cities, speaking about anarchist resistance to the Apartheid Wall. On 22nd October, the Greek comrades will be out on the streets publicizing the struggle against the Wall, handing out texts and leaflets, showing videos etc., something which will be happening also in many other countries on the same day. The Greek comrades appeal to anarchist and libertarian individuals and organizations all over the world to show their solidarity by doing what they can to publicize the struggle in Israel and Palestine on October 22.

The groups which have declared their participation so far are:
* An anarchist group from Ottawa, Canada
* Another anarchist group from San Francisco, U.S.A.
* The "Musas Libres" group, Monterrey, Mexico
* The group round the zine "Zinecallar", Costa Rica
* Juventude Organizada com Ideal Anarquista (JOIA), Sao Paolo, Brazil
* COB/AIT and the "Colectivo Libertario", Sao Paolo, Brazil
* Anarchist Black Cross, Cordoba, Argentina
* The group round the zine "Tacanazine", Lima, Peru
* Various locals of the CNT, Madrid, Spain
* An anarchist group from Lugo, Spain
* Another anarchist group from Valencia, Spain
* Federazione dei Comunisti Anarchici, Italy
* An anarchist group from Cecina (Livorno), Italy
* Anarchist Federation Warsaw, Poland
* Anarchists Against the Wall, Israel
* An anarchist group in Melbourne, Australia
and of course most anarchist groups in Greece!

The Greek comrades have prepared a common poster which can be used freely by any groups wishing to participate in events on October 22. The poster is available in English and Castillian versions (and shortly also in Italian) on our web pages dedicated to the struggle against the Apartheid Wall ( - click on the "scaricabili" link in the top left-hand corner).

The poster can be downloaded and local information inserted into the spaces provided.

The promoters also ask any groups who plan on organizing an event for October 22, even if it will consist in handing out information leaflets, to let them know by sending an e-mail to

Federazione dei Comunisti Anarchici
International Relations

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