Friday, October 22, 2004

Israel-Palestine, Tel-Aviv-Jaffa, 22th October day against police brutality and solidarity of anarchists with the struggle in the region 22/10/04

As part of the international day of anarchists solidarity with the struggle in Palestine-Israel, Anarchists Against The Wall initiative called for a demo - in the context of the international day against police brutality. About 70 people came to the starting point of the demo in the Jaffa - the Jewish-Palestinian mixed population section of greater Tel-Aviv. We started the march with banners and placards against police brutality and against the WALL and similar themes, in an "unauthorized" demo. Police officers promised not to harass us if we will not try to block the traffic.... while accompanying our march they only nagged us to keep to the pavement. After about an hour march and leafleting in the main streets we arrived at the local police station.

The leaflet in both Hebrew and Arabic we distributed was starts with short descriptions of police brutality against poor people, immigrant workers, youth, Palestinians... up to killing with out being punished.

It continues: The blue* terror run rampage every night in our streets. The immigration authority is running a daily men hunting after illegal work immigrants boasting it already expelled 100,000 of them during the last 3 years. Beating, humiliation, jail and expulsion is the fate of people who tried to earn living for their families.

On October actions [2000 demonstration of solidarity of Israeli Palestinian citizens at the beginning of Intifada] police snipers murdered in cold blood 13 Palestinians their only crime was that they tried to protest against the treatment of second rate citizens in a Jewish racist state. The police claimed they learned their lesson [following a political scandal] but since that they already killed another 15 Israeli citizens Palestinians. Murderers have license to kill as long as they wear uniform. Foreign workers, Arabs, Beduins, homosexuals, new legal immigrants and every one not in accord with the system is suppressed by the state agencies.

6000 complains submitted against police personal on 2003 - but only 58 of them were on trial and just few of them were punished. The police people investigation authority cover up their friends and the state cover both - backing the real criminals.

The police officers that rule us on the streets and the soldiers that police the 3.5 Palestinians without rights in the occupied territories, suppress protest with gas grenades, metal bullets covered with rubber, and live ammunition, are the true face of the state behind the government lies, and the propaganda in the TV and news paper of the capitalists... More and more people begin to understand that the "law and order" is not for us.

The laws and the police protect the rich from the poor. The army protect the the occupation, the settlers and the racist Zionism. We do not obey because we believe in them - we obey because we are afraid from what they will do to us if we will not.

No one want to end in administrative detention like Taly Fahima [A young jewish woman who befriended with a wanted Palestinian rebel] ore die in a demo like the 6 Palestinians participated [in non-violent] demonstrations against the fence. Or just being beaten in the street by some hooligans in blue*
Do not let the police terror to win
Anarchists Against Fences @
* [Blue is the color of the police uniform.]

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