Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Israel-Palestine, We will not be stopped! No to the apartheid fence! no to the state violence! 13/10/04

Posted by Anarchists Against the Wall 12 Oct 2004 on Monday, October the 18th will start the court hearing of 11 activists who demonstrated against the apartheid wall at the war ministry compound in Tel Aviv - 23d Februar 2004 - the day the international court in Hage started deliberation on the apartheid wall. That day tens of activists demonstrated in front of the War ministry compound and blocked the Kaplan street, in protest against the building of the separation fence by the Israeli government, after they were blocked from reaching the demo with Palestinian people in Tul karem area the fence seperate them from their fields, declared by authority as a "closed military zone".

Just few minutes it took the riot plolice to arrest 13 of the activist using excessive vilence documented by 4 video cameras. The video taype refute the police claim that a "police man was attaced while on duty", which is what the demonstrators are accused with.. after they submited formal complain to the "departmen investigating policemen" on the violence against them. One of the 13 arrested was even taken to hospital for treatment of seriously damaged nouse, another activist lost consciousness, a female activist was sexually harased while in castudy. The 13 demonstraters - one of them under-age, were detained for the night at the Abu-Kabir detention facility. Next day they were brought to court where the judge refused to follow the police demand to release them with conditions that will limit their right of demonstration in the future.

This was the first time of such bringing to court was taken agains "Anarchists Against The Fence" since the sooting at the Mas'ha village gate on 26.12.2003 when Gil Naamaty leggs were hit. Next month, starting the court hearing of other under age activists accused too with blocking streets in Tel Aviv. It seems this is the beginning of a chain of harasments and political presecution culminating in a urgent and substantial danger to the freedom of expression and demonstration in Israel.

Befor this demonstration and even after it were many tens of political and social demonstrations in which roads were blocked, but no court indaitments were done. Never before bothered the security service to send a representative to a police station - like with our people, to interogate and warn the dataynees.

We intend to transform the trial to a trail against the fence. With the help of supporters we will stand in the court processes and insist to convey the message for which we blocked the road: The apartheid fence will only lead to despair and haterad.

For details: Jonathan Polak
Lawyer Gaby Lasky:
The hearing begins in the morning of Mondey 18.10 9:00 in the "peace courthous" in Tel Aviv the hall of judge Landsman corner of Shderot Shaul Hamelekh and Witsman street.

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