Friday, October 8, 2004

Israel, Tel Aviv, Just another demo called by anarchists to protest the atrocities of the IDF in Gaza strip 08/10/04

Few days ago Tel Aviv anarchists issued a call for a noisy demo. We gathered at the location of the Friday vigil of women in black and joined them with black coffins and placards. When we started to march, we were joined by other radicals of the left from the Friday vigil and from the refusnics movement. The police tried to block us from marching as we were too many and have not asked for permit.
They even detained 6 people, but failed to stop us. Instead marching as one contingent of 70 we were divided by the police efforts to block us into three main groups - each marching on the pavements with placards, a coffin and shouting slogans, along the streets towards the war ministry compound.

After an hour of vigil people went to the scheduled meeting of the refusnics initiative in the down town park.

In the public radio news, they "reported" the police lies - as if they detained 6 of us because we quarreled with passers by and caused disturbances... and falsely claimed they dispersed us...

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