Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Palestine-Israel, The daily struggle continue* - a different aspect. 13/10/04

The first sign that something has in Beit-Awwa changed, were the flags decorating the Baladia. Some familiar faces were also missing from the crowd preparing for the demonstration. One reason is that the demonstration today was organized by official village administration, as opposed to previous demonstrations which were organized by popular committees. Later, we would also learn that the army raided the village the day before and picked up people suspected of demonstrating. The reason for the decoration was an appearance by Abas Zaki, a member of the central committee of the Fatah and the Palestinian legislative council. He arrive at 10:25 and spoke for about 20 minutes along with other dignitaries. From there we marched to the Bulldozers who were working just north of the school. The crowd was about 150 people and the bulldozers stopped at the first sight of us. There was only one army jeep and about 5 private security for the three bulldozers.

Wishing to avoid injuries, the leaders of the demonstration worked out an agreement with the commanding officer that we would retreat after a while and not be attacked by the soldiers. Then, while watching them build a giant cage for the people of Beit-Awwa, Zaki made a speech which began with the words "IDF soldiers, good morning...". The soldiers took the opportunity to photograph the people listening to the speech with a digital camera. After the arrests of the previous day, taking someone's picture become a real threat. The private security also threatened the crowed in their own way. They pointed their uzis from close range and told people they would kill them.
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