Thursday, December 2, 2004

Israel-Palestine, A Village Stands for their Rights: Civil Disobedience in Budrus 02/12/04

Over the last year, thousands of Palestinian villagers have been demonstrating against the fencing works that are closing in on their villages, confiscating their lands and livelihood, and threatening to turn them into prisoners in their own home. Their demonstrations and attempts to stop the bulldozers with their body are encountering brutal violence from the army and the Frontiers Patrol. Apparently, what frightens the Israeli government the most is the development of a Palestinian popular, non-violent struggle. It is much more convenient for Israel to deal with those represented as terrorists and "human beasts".

The village of Budrus has been at the center of the "Fence Intifidah", and is now the target of ample oppression. Hundreds of Israelis have already visited the place to express peace and solidarity, and have been welcomed by the inhabitants. One of the leaders of of the civil protest in Budrus, Ahmad Awad, has spent the last few months in administrative detention, without facing charges or standing trial.

Ta'ayush, Anarchists Against Fences and Hakampus Lo Shotek Tel Aviv invite you to hear about the activities of Ahmad Awad and the village of Budrus, about the Apartheid Fences and their danger, about the non-violent resistance to the Occupation and the chances that resistance hold, if we will manage to protect it.

Monday, December 6th, 18:00

Tel Aviv University, Gilman, room 326

Tamar Peleg
A filmed interview with A'ed Murar, Budrus
Shai Pollack
Hana Amuri
Einat Podjarny


A call for direct action

call for direct action in budrus December 7 for over a year the joint israeli- palestinian non violent struggle has been waged with remarkable success. The ocupation authorities have responded by increasing the number of indightments against political activists for participating in demonstrations against the wall.

political repression of the people of Budrus has for some time now included harrasment of the entier village, night-time house searches and arrests. likewise, their fellow israeli activists are being put on trial for their support of the Budrus struggle.

join us for a solidarity direct action for the people of Budrus, the israeli activists and for the right of each and every one of us to protest, demonstrate and struggle jointly

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