Tuesday, December 7, 2004

Palestine-Israel, Budrus, Media, Anti-fence protest detained - another take on today's demo 07/12/04

Border Police units on Tuesday detained 41 activists at an anti-security fence protest in Budrus, west of Ramallah on the West Bank. The protesters were held for violating the closed military zone orders for the area. Military sources confirmed that the members of two Israeli left-wing organizations - 'Anarchists Against the Wall' and 'Taayush' - had obtained a permission for the demonstration*.
The IDF had agreed for the event to take place exclusively inside of Budrus on the condition that the demonstrators did not approach the fence. When activists began to approach the barrier, the army declared the area a closed military zone.

Yonatan Pollak, a member of Anarchist against the Wall told The Jerusalem Post that the activists insisted on staying within the closed military zone in order to defend their rights to freedom of expression.

Of the 150 activists involved, 41 were detained** by Border Police Units who alerted Judea and Samaria police to the situation. When police arrived on the scene they immediately released the activists that cooperated with their request to vacate the area. Four Israelis resisted orders and were subsequently arrested on charges of attacking police officers and a security fence construction worker.
* The anarchists do not ask permission for demonstrations.
** The arrested were only of the Israelis as by their presence they force the army to refrain from too harsh repression of the palestinians.

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