Friday, December 31, 2004

Palestine-Israel, Call for action against Land Plunder and Settlement Construction in the Shadow of the Fence Come to the Aid of Jayyous! 31.12.2004

Opposite Jayyous, which lost most of its lands to the Fence, new settlements are sprouting, presented as extensions to the existing settlement Zufin. This construction is part of the new fence settlements, and marks the final stage of the fencing project. On december 10, bulldozers of the "Ge'ulat Ha'aretz" firm uprooted some 300 olive trees on the property of Toufik Hassan Salim of Jayyous. Last Sunday (19.12), Jayyous villagers courageously blocked the bulldozers that entered their lands.

Once the construction is complete, the people of Jayyous will have lost the remainder of their lands outside the Fence (see attached map).

Come to the aid of the people of Jayyous, and struggle against the annexation and settlement campaign!

This coming Friday - 31.12.2004, we will go to the Jayyous lands west of the Separation Fence. We will demonstrate and plant trees to replace the ones that were uprooted On the last day of the year we will support the civil resistance of the people of the Occupied Territories, and raise a clear voice against the Fence Settlements.

The action was initiated by the Palestinian-Israeli committee set up by the villagers of Jayyous and Israeli and international activists. Gush Shalom participates together with Ta'ayush, ICAHD. and the Anarchists.

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