Sunday, December 5, 2004

Israel/Tel Aviv, Media, The yearly conference of the local business elite, the counter "conference, and the anarchists counter-counter action 05/12/04

Background: In parallel to the local "Dabos" conference of the economic elite the reformist left held its counter conference (including - as speaker the the general secretary of the general trade union - Amir Perets) whose tinny parliament party joined lately the Labor party - that carried when in power the same neo-liberal policy as the Licud party now in power. [Ed.]
Internet electronic media headlined an article on the counter conference" "Anarchists disconnected the loudspeaker when Perets gave his speech". ....During Perets speech in the "Exploited conference", activists of "Anarchists for ending the authoritarian economy" cut the lines of the loudspeakers an shouted: "No to the Licud [the ruling party], no to the Labor [working hard on joining the government] dismantle the state". So said a person of that organization to the Nana news. According to the report, the loudspeakers were cut twice during the speech, but after their reconnection Perets could finish his speech.

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