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Palestine-Israel, Bil'in 14.12.04: it's like cancer by kobi snitz IWPS*, and MEDIA. 15/12/04

It is their own court and they just don't care, they keep coming, it's like cancer The land in question lay across the wadi and was obscured by black smoke from burning tires. During a break in the tear gas and rubber bullet volleys we were given a history of how it is being taken away. It seems that in 1991 the civil administration confiscated 1200 dunams from the lands of Bil'in to expand the settlement of Modi'in Ilit. After a court battle, two parcels of land close to the village were spared the confiscation. At the time, a delegation of Israeli peace organizations came to support the village, the person relating the story told us that he told Uri Avnery, "you'll see, one way or another they'll take away the two remaining parcels". A few days ago his prediction came true, what the civil administration could not get in court the ministry of defense has gotten with a military order. "This is their own court and they just don't care, they keep coming, it's like cancer !" we were told.

The conversation took place on the lands of Bil'in at a demonstration against the wall which, if built, will separate the village from parts of its lands and from the rest of the world. The small village, which has turned out representatives to support demonstrations in Budrus in the past, has turned out a determined demonstration which also included women in the front of the crowd. The army made sure it extracted its usual toll from the Palestinian demonstrators. Two were injured by rubber coated metal bullets, one in the stomach and one in the back. Two head injuries from batton blows and a head injury from a shock grenade. A number of internationals were arrested and badly beaten when they tried to protect some of the Palestinians. Israelis were also beaten and four of them were arrested. As of this writing, the Israelis were released and the ministry of interior is trying to deport the internationals.

The work today consisted of only surveying for the route of the wall, a large demonstration is planned for next Sunday when the bulldozers are scheduled to begin work. Judging from the amount of resistance to the surveying it seems that the resistance to the construction might be as strong as in neighboring Budrus. Like in Budrus, Israeli and international support can be quite useful here as well.

stay tuned for updates on the deportation situation.

Re: Bil'in 14.12.04: it's like cancer > iwps take on the same action For immediate action

At approximately 8:00AM this morning, villagers of Bi'lin and international peace activists, including Israeli activists, gathered in the center of the village of Bil'in, located between Ramallah and Budrus. They organized a peaceful protest against the construction of the illegal Israeli Wall that began two days ago. The Israeli army is preparing to destroy the village residents' trees and land in order to make way for the Wall.

The protestors marched to the construction site and were met by at least 30 Israeli soldiers, border police and other security personnel. The army began throwing sound bombs and shooting rubber- coated steel bullets at the peaceful protestors in an attempt to remove them from the area.

As Israeli occupation forces began arresting Palestinians, international peace activists were beaten and also arrested as they tried to intervene nonviolently. One international was beaten repeatedly in the legs and was unable to walk. An IWPS member, Kate, was among the internationals arrested, and taken to the nearest police station. All she had been doing was filming the actions of the occupation forces as they shot, teargassed and beat the peaceful demonstrators. She has been taken to the Israeli Ministry of Interior in Jerusalem. She now faces deportation.

Four Israeli activists and two other internationals have also been arrested.

Kate is now in her hearing - 5pm local time.
Please call the ministery of interior and pressure them to free Kate, an American Citizen, who was a peaceful documentor.
Israeli Ministry of Interior: +972 2 670 1401
or send a fax: +972 2 566376

For more information contact IWPS on 0546 853 225 - a member who witnessed the demonstration and arrest.

Karin - IWPS
E-Mail: iwpseurope (at)

> Media, Four injured, seven arrested in protest against W. Bank fence

Four Palestinians were injured Tuesday in clashes with the IDF while protesting against the West Bank separation fence near the village Bil'in, east of Modi'in. Seven protestors, five of them Israeli, were also arrested. Dozens of Palestinian residents of the village and activists of the Israeli "Anarchists Against the Fence" organization had gathered in the area to protest against construction of the fence near the village.

During the clashes, the IDF declared the area a closed military area and used rubber bullets and teargas to disperse the protestors. The four protesters all sustained light injuries.
* Ed. Note, IWSP = International Women Supporting Palestinian, somewhat like the ISM = International Support Movement, and national Palestinians cooperate with the Israeli Anarchists Against The Wall/Fence... but they seldom reveal the identity of the anarchists and nearly always just mention "Israeli activists".

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