Saturday, December 25, 2004

Palestine, Israel, mas'ha, A lunch-meeting to mark a year to the action and shooting of Gil, that rocked the wall. 25/12/04

we were invited to lunch in Mas'ha this saturday, to keep in touch with the people in the village and mark one year to the incident of cutting open the gate and the Gil Naamati's shooting. Some 40 people - about half of the village and half of the Anarchists Against The Wall initiative participated. Like the local Palestinian villagers the Israelis had to park their cars at the road block and after passing it by foot - continue with local transport which is restricted to the villages area. It was quite cold and raining, but very peaceful and quiet as well. We sat together and talked for a while, mostly about the importance of mas'ha in the struggle against the fence and our wishes to stay in touch and continue the struggle together. Some of the talks were in Hebrew and translated to Arabic and vise versa.

After the meal, Gil Na'amati, who was with us, was asked to say a few words and got the warm solidarity expressions of all. Then, on the suggestion of the hosts, we went together to the gate in the fence where the historical action took place and looked together on the not far away location of the famous international camp of mas'ha (now on the other side of the fence) that started early Spring 2003 and promoted the joint struggle against the Apartheid fence/wall.

By coincidence, when we visited the gate, on the other side of gate compound we saw people from Betselem human rights organization that monitor the harassment, torture and killing of Palestinians in the occupied territories, who were there on tour of the fence. Though they were far away, few words were exchanged before the gate keeping soldiers came to our side with threats and pressed us to go away.

We spend there some 20 minutes in free talks among the participants - new and old, Israeli and Palestinians and then started the way to the road block were we mounted our cars on the way home.
About 1000 unique links on the struggle the Anarchists Against The Wall initiative during the last year and a half, can be found in search.

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