Monday, March 28, 2005

Palestine-Israel, Bil'in, The daily joint struggle against the apartheid wall continues. 28 Mar

Last night the Israeli army invaded again the village Bil'in - the fourth time in a row of "night visits". The army - as the officers on the ground openly threatened, try to suppress with all means the popular struggle of the village against the separation fence that pass their fields and confiscate them. As usual, the soldiers roamed the streets of the village and threw shock grenades Since the Israeli highest court of "justice" dismissed the complain of the villagers against the fence and the new route was ratified by the Israeli government a moth ago, the village people started a mass struggle against the wall [to which they invited the Israeli Anarchists Against The wall and International activists. Ed.] Like they did with partial success in the neighbor village Budrus, so they decided to do in Bil'in - and openly claimed so.

In the demonstration of the village last Wednesday, a seven years old boy lost an eye as result of rubber coated bullet, and the border police gendarmes put an house on fire by throwing shock grenades into it.

The same day, many olive trees were uprooted and stolen from an orchard of one of the villagers by a private company of settlers. Both the Israeli civil administration and the army did not really responded. At the near by police station in Givat Zeev they even refused to register the complain of the villager on that robbery... Only after intensive pressure of Israeli activists of Women Monitors of Road Blocks they agreed to register the complain.

As part of the pressure against the Bil'in villagers, they are discriminated and held for prolonged periods in the near by Nihlin road block, and the leading activists are very often "invited" to interrogations by the general security agency.

On the coming Wednesday, "The Land's Day" (30th of March) a big demonstration is scheduled.
For more details about the the struggle in Bil'in, and how to Join contact Shai: 0545333364 and Jonathan: 0546327736

[A free translation of article by Adar Gryevsky on by ainfos - I.S.]
The villagers ask Israeli activists of the Anarchists against The Wall to be guests for the following nights in an effort to restrain the nightly wild attacks of the Israeli army.
(en) Israel-Palestine, Truth from the land of Israel as told by Anarchists Against The Wall people - Saffa, Billin, Deir Ballut Tel Aviv.

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