Saturday, March 12, 2005

Palestine-Israel, Bil'in, The daily struggle against the apartheid fence continue 12 Mar

Friday, 11th March, another joint demo of palestinians and Israeli activists. The demo in Bil'in (near upper Modiin) - like the others of its kind, is against the Israeli state robbery of the villagers fields and orchards for expanding the Israeli settlement Mtityahu and against the apartheid fence which separate the villages from the fields and put them in getos. About 200 participated in the demo - Palestinians, Israelis and internationalists, who arrived at the building site in order to stop the works. Private security personal of the site threatened to shoot the demonstrators with live bullets. Military forces that arrived attacked the demonstrators with tear-gas and shock grenades. about 4 palestinians and one Israeli were injured.
While escaping from the military assault, one Palestinian was injured and then was hit and kicked by female border guard soldiers and arrested by them.

During the dispersing the demonstration, the army entered as usually the village with the usual terror activities.
* At the time of the demonstration, Israeli electronic media reported: "Demonstrations against the fence near Modiin. At the building site, members of the Anarchists Against The Fence are confronting the army, which responds with tear gas grenades".

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