Thursday, March 31, 2005

Palestine-Israel, Bil'in, The nearly daily confrontation between the the Israeli state and the palestinians and Anarchists Against The Wall continues.

Hundreds of Palestinians, 35 Israelis, and about 20 Internationals came to day to the demonstration in Bil'in, to commemorate the "Earth Day" and in protest against the fence which disposses the vilage from its fields and orchards. After few speaches and songs, the demonstrators marched towards the route of the fence in building. Today, the army decided to stop the building, probably in order to evade direct confrontation with the demonstrators in a day the local and international media are focus on. After we created a human chain ("fence agains fence") we started with planting of olive trees on the rote of the fence. An exciting group of palestinian women of Bel'in was prominent in its persistant slogans callings agains the soldiers and even caused retreat of one of them.

After the first stones were thrown, the soldiers of the gendardia and army reservists started to "shower" us with tear gas and rubber coated bullets which injured three - one Israeli and two Palestinians. The efforts of the soldiers to arrest the Israelis colminated with the taking of Ronen to the Givat Zeev police station for testimony... This, following a complain of one of the soldiers who claimed that he was attaked or was interfered in the fulfiment his duty. At 19:00 Ronen was still held there but later the Police informed the lawyer Gabi Laski that he will be released in few minutes.till late in the evening.)

At this time, continue to stay in Bil'in Internationals and Israelis who responded of the villagers to stay nights there to harnes a bit the harasments of the Israeli army who try to use nightly attaks on the village to breack the fighting spirit of the Bil'in villagers who struggle against the fence.

Friday, there will be another joint demo in Bil'in

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