Sunday, March 13, 2005

Palestine-Israel, Bil'in, the first demonstration of women in the village 13 Mar

The demonstration began at around 11, at the village of bil'in. this is the first women's protest the village has organised, altought it seemed to have been organised by the men in the village. about 40 women and school girls of the village of Bil'in, accompanied by 6 israelis* and international women, and about 10 men from the village started making the way towards the buldozers, with the girls chanting: "no to the apartheid wall", aand "stop the occupation". the demonstrators were stopped about 100 meters from where the soldiers were, and stood there while the men from the village negotiated with the army. they were finally "allowed" to continue up the hill to a certain point whichover looked the buldozers. it was decided with threats from the Magav not to try and reach the buldozers. after a while the protests returned to the village. according to the border police, this is the last protest they will "allow", and next time they will put a curfew on the village. after the protests dispersed, the Shabab threw stones, and the Magav were trying to provoc more violence by advancing towards the village and shooting teargas and sound grenades.


* [Ed. note: In most of the joint demonstrations against the fence - "the apartheid wall" the humble Israeli Anarchists Against The Wall are involved... But, even in reports of its members the credit is often missing.]

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