Saturday, March 5, 2005

Palestine-israel, Dir Balut, The daily struggle continue by Shai 05 Mar

About 300 people from the village Dir Ballet and other villages of the region, together with Israeli* and "International" activists participated in a demo against the fence at Dir Balut. The villages Dir Balut, Rafa, and Z'awia are located at the base of a "finger" that will be annexed to Israel to connect Ariel settler city [And cut the Palestinian territories to fragments.]
Inhabitants of the villages and the Israeli and foreign activists converged at the center of the village Dir Balut and around 11:00 the demonstration march started. "Three kilometer march bring us to the fence building site.
Though since July 2004 stay of the works, the rote was changed a bit, still 70% of the villages fields will be on the other side of the fence when completed. at

The march include old folks and children as well. The going towards the bulldozers is not simple. There is no clear path and there is need to jump between rocks. The view is wonderful. The fence pass in a green ravine with Spring flowers of all colors all around. The ugliness created by the fence is just unbearable.

Because of the rough topography, the demonstrators scatter all around the hill that border on the ravine the works are done in. Part of the demonstrators call towards the soldiers, some are arranging a prayer, and part - mainly children and the youngsters throw stones in the direction of the Border Police located in the too far ravine.

The Border Police reply with shots of tear gas canisters.... but the wind (and justice) Cray it back towards them.

Around 14:00 we start to return to the village as it is Friday and late regretfully we [the Israelis] have to sadly decline the invitation to a meal as we have to catch the last buss home.
* [Ed. Note: The main electronic media still report on each demonstration along the fence Israeli activists participate in. They lately do not stress every demo that the Israeli Anarchist Against The Wall/Fence initiative are involved.]

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