Thursday, March 17, 2005

Palestine-Israel, Saffa demonstrations continue 17 Mar

Yesterday Media reported 5 demonstrators injured among them one "Israeli*". To day, 3 demonstrators lightly injured, in yet another demonstration against the apartheid wall in the village of Saffa. At around 9:30 around 40 palestinians, 3 iwps women, and 5 israelis who joined them, sat on the path which the buldozer had already worked on. After about half and hour, the villagers walked up to where the buldozer was working, guarded by soldiers, border police and civilian police. The demonstrators did not listen to the army's order to stop and walked right up to them. after less than 5 minuted the soldiers began with a shower of concussion grenades and the demonstrators ran downhill. 2 elderly palestinians were injured, and one israeli who was hit by the soldiers.

The army continued throwing tear gas further back, one which was thrown into the ambulance.

The demonstrators then sat further down the hill, for a few more hours, the Palestinian men held their prayers on the land, and lunch was handed out. there is also a settlement being built on the hill near the village. israelis left at around 1pm. but the palestinians stayed after.
* [Ad. Note: The persistant Israeli participants are usually of the Anarchists Against The Wall (AATW) initiative.]

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