Monday, March 14, 2005

Palestine-Israel, The people of Budrus removed 150 meters of the fence which is part of Israel's separation wall by Michal 14 Mar

During a wedding at the village of Budrus- a village which has resisted the Israeli separation wall non violently for over a year, the IDF invaded the village. The army has previously threatened that it will not allow more demonstration to take place and this invasion is understood by the people of Budrus as retaliation for their demonstrations. In the course of the invasion the army used large amounts of violence, shooting continuous bursts of live fire as well as rubber bullets and tear gas. Three villagers were wounded and one was arrested. The shooting continued for a few hours and then the army left. In a spontaneous response, the people of Budrus went out of the village walked to the fence and dismantled about 150 meters of it while singing "no to the fence, yes to a free palestine". following the dismantling, the villagers marched through the village in a victory parade chanting "Budrus, we can do it!"

It is expected that the army will want to strongly retaliate for this action. Please watch for details about israeli* and international support activities in the near future.

the following day, the arested youth was released, the army and police made short incursins into the village without incident and then left.

photo credit AATW* at:
* Anarchists Against The Wall - AATW

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