Saturday, April 23, 2005

For Justice in Palestine (G8, Scotland) 23 Apr

We, Palestinians, Israelis* and supporters, call every person who believes in freedom, justice and the right to self-determination to join us in the Adalah bloc at the anti-G8 demonstrations this July in Scotland. Adalah is Arabic for justice, and together we will try to give voice to our sisters and brothers in Palestine by exposing the ongoing injustice and oppression of the Israeli occupation with its U.S. support. The G8 summit will take place this year in Scotland (Gleneagles, 6-8 July). A large-scale demonstration and other acts of protest are currently being organized to confront the participating world leaders and to provide a voice for radical resistance. As Israelis and Palestinians, we also reject the global powers' attempt to capitalize and exploit our region.

Part of the summit's agenda is addressing the Disengagement plan of Ariel Sharon. According to Sharon's statements, withdrawal from Gaza strip will also take place this summer. It's important to remember that Sharon's so called Disengagement plan will not put an end to the Israeli occupation. On the contrary, Sharon's plan will perpetuate Gaza Strip as the biggest prison in the world. It is clear that the Disengagement is a cover-up for further crimes like the Apartheid Wall, land confiscation and construction of more Israeli settlements in the West Bank of Palestine, military oppression and control of the Palestinian population.

The Adalah bloc will act in the Anti-G8 demonstrations and direct actions in Scotland, trying to expose other activists and the general public to the Palestinian struggle. We are trying to build a group that will be open to everybody - queer and straight, women and men... It is also important to us to use open forms of protest: diverse, challenging, thought provoking and fun.

If you would like to take part in the formation of the Adalah bloc, including by distributing this call to other groups and individuals, suggesting and producing creative ideas for actions, and fundraising for transportation for activists from Palestine who would otherwise not afford to come, contact:
* [Ed. Note: Anarchists against the wall and others]

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