Friday, April 8, 2005

Palestine-Israel, The joint struggle against the fence at billin continue. 08 Apr

Thursday night, Anarchist Against The Wall activists were invited to dinner in bil'in with the local activists of the joint struggle of the last weeks. The invitation included the option to stay the night - in order both to detere Israeli army nightly harasments and for the Friday demo. Friday, As part of the straggle against land confiscation for the benefit of the settlements Kiryat-Seffer and Matityahu, a demonstration with the participation of about 300 Palestinians, Israelies and international activists took place today in the village of Bilin.

The demonstration that started as an organized and non-violent walk towards the construction area of the separation wall, developed into a confrontation between the people of Bilin and soldiers and border police. This included stone throwing from one side, and tear gas and rubber bullets from the other.
After about an hour of confrontation outside the village, the demonstrators were pushed back and the demonstration was finished. Nevertheless the soldiers and border police entered the village and confrontation continued for several hours. As a result of the soldiers activity that included throwing of a shock grenade into the mosque, six demonstrators were wounded and one arrested. The village people expect that the army will invade at night as it has done several times lately.

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