Sunday, April 3, 2005

Subject: (en) Palestine-Israel, Bil'in-Tel Aviv, The daily struggle against the wall/fence and the war crimes continue 03 Apr

It was just a Sunday demonstration in the chain of of struggle of the Bil'in villagers, against the apartheid wall that rob them of significant part oft heir fields and orchards. Like usual, in spite of army formal instructions forbidding shooting demonstrators directly with tear gas canisters, and rubber coated bullets from short range, or to the head, the soldiers do shoot so. In previous demonstrations in the occupied territories rubber coated bullets killed children and blinded many. (Nearly blinded one of the anarchists against the wall initiative.)
Media report on to day demo in Bil'in:
"Jonathan Polak was injured in a demonstration against the fence in Bil'in. Policemen of the border police dispersed tens of Palestinians and "anarchists against the fence" activists in the village Bil'in in Modi'in region.

Jonathan Polak was lightly injured from a canister of tear gas that hit his head. He arrived with tens Israeli demonstrators members of "Anarchists Against The Fence, to help the local villagers in their protest against the fence. Initial report from first aid services was that the injury was not too serious.

Local villagers told the reporter that tens of the Bil'in villagers demonstrated to day, and as usual, this time too they were joined by Israeli activists. They said that when the about 150 participants of the demonstration started to disperse, the border police shoot them with tear gas canisters.

While taken by the ambulance to the hospital, Polak himself told the reporter: "There were no confrontations at the demo. When we wished to disperse the policemen shower on us large amount of tear gas. They directed the shooting of the canisters directly to the bodies of the demonstrators, as they do in all demonstrations - shooting them directly at the demonstrators.

Polak said that one of the canisters hit his head directly. "It hurt me very much", and denounced the policemen who aimed the shooting on the demonstrators in order to hit them." ---- end of media report.

The following call to action was distributed this afternoon to the activists: Following the injuring of our comrade Yonatan Polak toady, when he was shoot at at his head with a tear gas canister from short range, in a non-violence demonstration against the wall, we will go tonight (19:30) in front of the defense ministry (Hakirya, Kaplan st.). (The canister cut Jonathan's head to the bone, fractured the skull bone and caused an hemorrhage of the brain. He is now in the Tel-Hashomer hospital for treatment.)

We will converge there in order to tell the Israeli army: Stop shooting Palestinians, Israelis, and internationals demonstrators to curb the struggle against the wall. We demonstrate with the demand to stop the violence and shooting on demonstrators and stop the building of the apartheid wall!

The demonstration started even before the stated hour, as the people of the Anarchists Against The Wall initiative and sympathizers started to converge earlier. We were about 70 people. We held placards and torches, and called various slogans. During the demo, a phone call from a Palestinian activist from Bil'in was delivered to us using a loud speaker. In his speech he thanked the anarchists and the other peace activists for joining the struggle.

After about an hour we decided that it is not the proper time to block the traffic and marched instead to the city center.

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