Thursday, April 21, 2005

Palestine-Israel, The struggle against the apartheid fence at Bil'in continue - report and invitation for next week. 21 Apr

First, report of L.P. from the site: "The Israeli terror organizations attack Bil'in. One seriously injured after he was pushed from a cliff, and 7 are less seriously wounded in today demonstration. After few weeks of struggles the Israelis changed to a higher level of suppression, when they attack the inhabitants of Bil'in village who demonstrate together with international and Israeli activists against the robbery of their lands for the expanding of the near by settlement and for the building of the apartheid wall. During the ongoing demonstration, the border police invaded the village with big forces shooting to every direction, rampaging. Fadi Mustafa was pushed by the Israeli criminals to the ravine from a 20 feet high cliff and is transferred to hospital - wounded seriously in head and back.

A bit earlier, the bastards shoot lot of rubber coated bullets, wounded 7 - among them one of the anarchists who came from Israel and a photographer of the AFP news agency."

A comrade reported from the hospital in Ramalla that the person who was pushed from a cliff and another one who was shot at his forehead are in relatively good condition.

During the day the main radio broadcasting channel reported partially on the demonstration.

The electronic media report 18:23 21/04/2005 Bil'in: Palestinian demonstrator fell from a cliff and was seriously wounded during demonstration against the building of the separation fence at the village Bil'in near the Israeli town Modi'in. "Anarchists against fences" claim that the Palestinian was confronting the border policemen who pushed him down from a 20 feet cliff.

Palestine-Israel, A call for a joined struggle from Bil'in

From slavery to freedom - from separation to partnership - by Uri Ayalon

Demonstration with the people of Bil'in against the settlements and the fence that are being built on their lands

The coming Wednesday. The Passover weekdays. We will join the people of the village Bil'in near Ramalla, for a nonviolent demonstration of protest against the separation fence and the settlement who annex more than half the lands of the village (about 2,300 Dunams - 575 acres)

Even these days, intensive building works are done, in the area between the route of the fence, to the green line at the West - as part of the expanding of the settlements Kiryat Sefer, Eastern Matityahu, and the town Modi'in Elit. together with the inhabitants of Bil'in - men and women, we will protest loudly against the expanding of the settlement, the building the fence, and the jeopardizing the option for life together. We will also plant olive trees along the route of the fence.

In Bil'in about 1500 working people - most of them earned their living from work in Israel. These days, the village economy is based more on agriculture, and the unemployment rate is very high. Since the high court of justice dismissed the complain of the inhabitants of Bil'in against the new route of the fence which was ratified by the government, the village started a nonviolent struggle against the fence. Nearly daily, the people of Bil'in are marching towards the route of the fence trying to stop the work of the bulldozers, which are uprooting the olive trees and separating between them and their lands.

Like in the neighboring village Budrus, so in Bil'in, the army try to suppress violently the popular struggle of the village. Among other atrocities, the soldiers invade the village days and nights, shooting rubber coated bullets, entering hoses, detain and hit people.... A month ago, the border police soldiers set a fire in one of the hoses by throwing into it a shock grenade. Till this day, in the village Bil'in here are already tens of injured from shooting of rubber coated bullets, shock grandees hits, tear gas and physical violence of soldiers.

For Wednesday the 27th of April, the people of Bil'in are inviting whoever still believe in the values of justice, equality and solidarity, to join them and create together a real alternative to the policy of annexation and dispossession of the Israeli government.

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