Thursday, April 14, 2005

Palestine-Israel, Bil'in 13-4-05 update* by Media, kobi snitz and Adar 14 Apr

13:54 ( "Demonstrations in the village Bil'in against the fence and against Caterpilar company. Anarchists Against The Fence informed Nana news about an on-going demonstration in Bil'in against the confiscation of the lands and against Caterpilar manufacturer of the D9 buldosers. The court hearing of the inditement of Cori Reichel's parent - who was trampled to death by a military buldoser, against Caterpilar company, that starts today". 16:28 (Nana) "Two anarchists who demonstrated against the separation wall were arrested in the village Bil'in by the border guard".
23:00 (Adar) - At about 23:00 at night the army invaded the village once again. 2 jeeps accompanied with about 20 soldiers entered the house of Rani, a young man in a wheel chair. They took his cellular phone and some I.D's.

Fortunately, there were a lot of israelis and internationals at the time at Abdalla's house. We, a group of 5 israelis that has just left the village, got a phone call and did a u turn back to the village. We grouped with the other israelis, internationals and palestinians and marched to Rani's house. The army had just got out of the house, and the soldiers were very surprised to see a group of more than 30 people coming towards them, showing no sign of fear. The soldiers started going back to the road near the fence, at first walking, then running. We escorted them out, and shouted at them to return the things they have stolen. At some point they just threw the cell phone and cards to the ground. It's owner picked them up. "Turn around"-we shouted. "What are you doing here? This is harassment and nothing more. Look at us - we are here and nobody is threatening us." The soldiers left the village. Internationals and some israelis stayed for the night. One more day and night in occupied Palestine 23:45 (kobi) The two israelis arrested will be held overnight and be arraigned tomorrow morning at 11:30 at the jerusalem magistrate court
(en) Palestine-Israel, billin 13-4-05: The joint struggle and the "diplomatic" process by kobi snitz

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