Sunday, April 10, 2005

Palestine-Israel, Dir Balut, demonstration against the fence and the shooting of the Abdula Family - by Adar* 10 Apr

Friday 8.4 2005, following the shooting and injuring four of the Abdula Family members Wednesday, by the fence [privatized] security personnel, with live ammunition, when they came to work their land near the fence. Live ammunition, on a family members who came in an ordinary day, with no demonstration, disturbance ore law breaking... There are no ordinary words to describe it. Shooting that was in response to nothing. Just because of the mere existence... May be the word I am searching for is simply 'occupation'. This time in the most brutal form. 300 people of the village demonstrated on Friday in protest of the shooting, the separation fence, and the occupation. We arrive to the demonstration of Dir Balut Friday - two days after the shooting.

Among the four injured Abdula family members, the condition of 26 of age Samir Abdula - who seemed at the day of shooting as relatively lightly wounded, aggravated. Samir, a bullet penetrated his leg, return to the village riding a donkey with no need of help. When he arrived to the clinic - located in the neighboring village, it was found he lost lot of blood. Afterwards, he was detained by israeli army road block and it took long time till he arrived to the Rafidia hospital in Nablus. There it was found that the bullet severed a major artery, and he need to have an operation on it a Jordanian hospital.

At present, humanitarian organizations are looking for money to cover the operation expenses.

Halil, age 58, was hit with two shoots penetrating his pelvis near his groin, was operated on and is hospitalized in the surgery ward of Beilinson [Petah Tikva town East of Tel Aviv]. Hamda aged 24, who was shoot at his chest was operated on too, and is hospitalized at Ramalla. Majid who was shoot at his shoulder is hospitalized in the Israeli Tel Hashomer.

About 300 village people demonstrators - women, men, youth, together with Israeli peace activists** and internationals are marching from the village towards the fence building site. A women of the Abdula family is waving the blood soaked shirt of Majid.

An impressively big number of soldiers are waiting for us on the mountain slope. The first "greetings" are tear gas and shock grenades. Directly into the middle of a group of elderly women. A 60 years old women is hit and injured in her hand and from inhaling gas and evacuated back to the village.

Today, the wind blows towards the soldiers and border police and they stopped after a while the use of the gas.

We tell the soldiers why we arrived here today. How two days ago, in the exact place, four people were shoot. They hasten to clear to us: it was not us... These were private security people. And they are right. They have different uniform. The badges with their names (if they carry ones) have for sure different fonts... The soldiers are formally bound by laws the private security personnel are not bound with.... But all of them were given their mandate from the same Israeli state, and in the name of the same agenda.

A local bargaining with the soldiers enable a slow approach of the demonstrators towards their fields near the fence building rout where they carried their Friday prier.

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* [Ed. Note: Not to monopolize and patronize Israeli who are not of the Anarchists against the wall initiative who join the activities, even the anarchists put in their reports the general label "Israeli peace activists".]

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