Saturday, April 2, 2005

Palestine-Israel, A place anarchists are in daily confrontation with the state - yesterday in A-Zawia 02 Apr

"To day - Friday, the first of April, we started as a convoy of about 300 people - Palestinians, Israelis and Internationals, from the center of the village towards the near by apartheid fence building area. picture: Following the previous round of struggle, the new route was moved two kilometer back towards the "grin line" (the pre 1967 occupation war).
However, even the new rote still rob about 1000 Dunams (million square meters) from the village lands. The convoy went on its way at noon with a big excitement as since the last Summer, this was the first action of protest against the fence. Last Summer the protest actions were met with severe violence of the Israeli army - including huge amounts of tear gas.

After about 20 minute of walking, we arrived at the route of the fence construction. There, after the speeches and a prayer of the villagers for the lands, the march continued along the route of the fence in building. As exception to the actions in the past here, and in other places, both the Israeli army and the other "security forces" have not show their intensive presence and repression - which made the present action much more exiting.

On the route, we arrived at a place where two big "deserted" containers of the army - now used by settlers for storage, were located. A common trick which enable the Israeli settlers to use army "surplus" equipment to build their strong holds.

First, we turned the containers upside down and then set them on fire. The happiness was very big! Afterwards we continued along the route of the fence. We have seen the army battle cars (jeeps) - about 200 meters away, from where the soldiers were looking at us but did not approach.

We returned then to the village after an exiting voyage of three hours, without suffering the violence of the army or other evil powers.

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