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Canada, Film and Art at Montreal's 6th Annual ANARCHIST BOOKFAIR! (May 21, 2005) - Update 11 May

[Full Film and Art Programme included below ... Please post and forward] 10am-6pm 2515 rue Delisle (near Lionel-Groulx metro)MONTREAL, QUEBEC Free! Welcome to all.
Mainspace and 1st floor rooms are wheelchair accessible.
The bookfair is a child-friendly event. Bring your kids!
Free childcare on-site. Kids and Parents Activities.
** The largest anarchist event in North America
** Part of the month-long Festival of Anarchy (April 28-May 24)
** Followed by a full day of Anarchist Presentations and Workshops (May 22, 2005)
Some Bookfair highlights include:
* Introductory Workshops to Anarchism (Rooms 302 and 305):
Twenty-first Century Anarchisms, The History of Anarchism in Quebec, Building an Anarchist Movement: Lessons Past and Present, and more!

* Solidarity Room (Room 125):
People's Global Action (PGA) and the Campaign Against SNC Lavalin (11am); Self-determination in Haiti (Noon); The Struggles of Kanien'keha:ka (Mohawk Territories) (1pm); Solidarity Across Borders: The No One Is Illegal March on Ottawa (2pm); Quebec's Student Uprising (3pm).

* Kidz Invasion! (Room 119, Cafe Mozaik, Arts and Crafts Room, outdoors, everywhere):

With Arts & Crafts, Theatre, Dance, Music-Making, Sports and Games for the kids (all ages);

And various discussions on: Deschooling: Getting Society Out of School; Television, Advertising and Kids; Pregnancy and Birth: Empowerment, Change and Action.

Including the Special Film Showing: FREE TO LEARN: The Albany Free School's Radical Experiment in Education (3pm in Cafe Mozaik) (info:

* The Bookmobile (Outdoors): A traveling collection of approximately 300 book works range from handmade and one-of-a-kind to photocopied and small press publications.

* And over 75 distributors, vendors and groups at the bookfair, from Montreal, Quebec, North America, Latin America and Europe (Main Auditorium at CEDA)

For complete information, please consult our website:



11:00 IT'S ALL LIES! This fascinating documentary looks at a growing and controversial movement in Israel, the Anarchists Against the Wall. Voicing their uncompromising support for Palestinian resistance against Israeli apartheid, the Anarchists Against the Wall fight empire in the belly of the beast. Hebrew with English subtitles, 32 minutes, 2004.

11:40 JALIL MUNTAQIM: VOICE OF LIBERATION. A documentary about Black Panther and Black Liberation Army Political Prisoner Jalil Muntaqim. English, 20 minutes, 2002.

12:10 BEST OF THE LUCIOLES ( Les Lucioles ("fireflies"), an activist video collective in Montreal, has been producing socio-political films since September 2002. The films attempt to show a different reality from that portrayed by traditional media. The collective is proud to be engaged; to denonce, to propose, and to feed social debate. The shorts bring together diverse styles and content (housing crisis, non-status, gay marriage, the keeper, etc.). French, 40 minutes, 2002-2005.

1:00 LE POUVOIR EST DANS LA RUE (Power is in the streets). Alain Tanner, an anarchist film-producer, was present in Paris in May 1968. With this documentary taken on the spot, he gives voice to the street, to those who made May '68. French, 41 minutes, 1968.

1:45 GRASS THROUGH CONCRETE. A 7-minute clip from a documentary about the struggle by First Nations and various Hamilton citizens to protect the Red Hill Valley (one of Canada's largest urban parks) from a four-lane expressway. Through interviews with those involved and on site footage, "Grass through Concrete" raises questions about local democracy, urban sprawl and the value of green space in modern cities. English, 7 minute excerpt.

2:00 ANARCHISM IN AMERICA. This is the Canadian premiere of Anarchism in America - a re-working of Pacific Street Film's 1980 feature-length documentary, which explores new directions in thinking, philosophy and action in North American anarchism. Includes a new interview with Murray Bookchin (25 years after the original) and other contemporary anarchists. English, 45 minutes, 2005.

3:00 GALERES DES FEMMES (Women's hardship). Fleury-Merogis is the biggest women's prision on Europe. This documentary traces the portraits of seven women during their detention and then their attempts at re-insertion. About their quest for life and liberty, solitude, anguish and difficulties. French, excerpts of 1 hour, 1993.

4:00 LEADED, UNLEADED: THE STATE UNLEASHED. This film by Indymedia Beirut documents the 2004 Beirut general strike called to protest skyrocketing prices and lack of social services. The Lebanese army opened fire on protestors in Hay el Seloum, one of the poorest working-class neighbourhoods of Beirut. Consisting of footage of the clashes and interviews, the powerful video places the protests in the historical context of Lebanese state violence. English and Arabic with English subtitles, 34 minutes, 2004.

4:40 A selection of short films, including GHOST SQUAT by Satan McNuggit (English, 6 minutes, 2005).



The Bookfair is showing diverse works by artists from Montreal and elsewhere, focusing on issues close to anarchists and exploring themes of autonomy. The works can be found in the hallways of the first, second and third floors and on the stage in the Main Hall of the CEDA.

-> Travelling Wobbly Show Panels

Touring 25 cities in the US and Canada, a collection of graphics commemorating the centennial year of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW).

-> Celebrate People's History Poster series Josh McPhee (

An on-going project producing and showing posters that focus on important moments in "people's history": from the Mujeres Libres to the recent Bolivian water struggle.

-> History of Street Stenciling Slide show (loop) Josh McPhee

One hundred photos of street stencils from throughout history and around the world, to convey the important role street stenciling has played in social movements.

-> Soleil Radieux and Blitzkrieg Brain Wash Acrylic on wood and mixed media; acrylic on canvas Tournesal Plante

Two works which represent our civilisation, consumption, its opulence. The city is represented as a dump, a place founded on ruins and war.

-> Three tableaus Mixed media Jocelène Jean-Baptiste

The sidewalks are overflowing with discoveries and an unlimited quantity of metal, rusted by acid rain …

-> Recess ; Satellitehead ; Asswipe and untitled Acrylic on canvas Kim Fox

The paintings are part of an ongoing study of North American culture; examining our relationships with television and relations of suppressor vs. suppressed.

-> Punk tribe, Night life, and Killing to Survive Pencil on paper Tal H

Three sketches by an Israeli artist which explore modern tribalism, urban alienation, and survival.

-> Plan Colombia Banner (recycled soda bottle fabric) Beehive Design Collective

This graphic attempts to expose the so-called "war on drugs" as a smokescreen for the interests of multinationals in the Amazon's natural resources.

-> Fight against impunity and international accompaniment in Guatemala Photos Project Accompaniment Quebec Guatemala

The exhibit is meant to raise awareness about the impact and consequences of repression of armed conflict, and about the work of Guatemalan communities and organisations for justice.

-> The Massacre of the Innocents (Guatemala) Diaoramas (wood, paper and ink) Freda Guttman (1984)

Part of a large installation work, "¡Guatemala! The Road of War" created at the height of the brutal repression of the Mayan people of Guatemala; also a homage to Goya's "Disasters of War' etchings.

-> Modern Democracies Acrylic on canvas Nidal El Khairy

Arab countries are "led" by dictatorships that rule with an iron fist, many of them US allies and serving as their local police. American "ideology" is freedom and democracy; American reality is imperialism and hypocrisy.

-> Baghdad - Jerusalem, via Montreal Photographs Ehab Lotayef

A selection of photos from Lotayef's trip to Iraq in 2003 and a few from his trip to Palestine in 2004, which bring home the resistance of daily life under brutal occupations.

-> Reading in the Ruins Diorama (cardboard and paper) Freda Guttman (2004)

Paper replica of a work in Guttman's installation, "Notes From the 20th: Walter". An inspirational confirmation of the power of words, of thinking, of the mind, of understanding and knowledge in the midst of the horror of our times.

-> Unravelling Works on cloth Romy Ceppetelli

Our bodies and their stories are tangible and ephemeral; choices that we make about what to remember and what to let go create history and new possibilities for the present and the future.

--- 514-859-9090

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