Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Israel-Palestine, Tel Aviv, Media: The anarchists hit again.... May 11

At the beginning of the memorial day [late evening] Tens of extreme left activist put up posters in great Tel Aviv, as a memorial for Palestinians killed by Israeli army. The activists [Israeli anarchists adopting a nickname] members of the "anarchist committee for the obliterated memory" put up three kinds of posters. The first one was designed and printed by the villagers of Beit Lakia, in memory for the boys Jamal and Huday Asi, age 14 and 15 killed the previous week. The poster was written in Arabic, to which was added translation into Hebrew with the header "We will remember".

The second poster, designed and printed in Hebrew, with the head line "WANTED". The poster tell the story of the children of the village Bil'in, who demonstrate against the building of the separation fence at their region, against the confiscation of their lands, and against the uprooting of the olive trees orchards. The members of the committee claim that hundreds of the village inhabitants amongst them 150 children were injured from shooting of the "Israel forces of terror,".

The third poster, related also to the demonstrations in Bil'in, in which according to the demonstrators, the army started to use infiltrates masquerading as Palestinians. Under the head line of "abducted" printed a photograph of two of the infiltrates while they are abducting and arresting one of the participants of the demonstration.

Pictures of the two boys killed in Beit Lakia:

"Israel is not democracy"

A member of the committee who asked to remain unanimous, said that the poster were put up especially at the memorial day to remind the Jewish population of Israel, the memory of "fallen whose names are not mentioned in the commemoration day".

It is not a provocation told one of the activists to the reporter of the daily Ma'ariv - NRG electronic. The connection between the military ethos and day of independence is non democratic in its essence, it promote a militarist society which is very far from democracy. This is why we have chosen to do that exactly in the memorial day.

The activist added: "I think that it suits exactly to the memorial day, in which it is the time to remind the true elements behind the wars of Israel for generations. A state in which 8.9 million citizens, and 3 million subjects [who are not citizens] in the occupied territories, is not a democracy".

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