Wednesday, May 4, 2005

Palestine-Israel, Bil'in, Media reports that anarchists against the wall are active again this morning 04 May

No. It is not the Makhnovitsa, nor is it the Spanish revolution... It is just the only region in the world anarchists are in nearly daily direct action confrontation with the state - in a non violent action against Israeli settler colonialism and especially against the apartheid wall/fence used for the creeping transfer of the Palestinians. This morning the main Israeli radio already reported twice about the anarchists against the wall solidarity action at the Palestinian village Bil'in, the apartheid fence is cutting its fields and orchards. The radio reports on the ongoing activity in which the anarchists chained themselves to olive trees - to hinder the uprooting of an olive orchard situated on the route of the apartheid wall/fence.

This morning, reports: "About 100 demonstrators arrived at dawn to the lands of the village Bil'in in order to prevent the uprooting of olive trees orchard planned for today - as it was officially announced by the occupation authorities to the Bil'in village people.

Since 05:30 in the morning, the demonstrators are standing their ground by chaining themselves to trees. At about 06:00 the army and border police forces started to arrive escorting the the bulldozers which are supposed to uproot the trees.

The Israeli soldiers (licensed vandals) who invaded the village approached the trees to verify whom of the chained are Israeli citizens, in order to arrest them.

At the time of the report, the activists were still on the trees and the official Israeli terrorists are threatening that around 08:15 they will use power to arrest them".

****************************** At the 10:00 news it was announced that 5 of the activists were already arrested, but the action continue.

In the website - update report that there were already 5 anarchists and 5 internationals arrested, but the uprooting is still blocked.

At 10:20, in the morning radio program - reporter give new details: The demonstrators include Palestinians and internationals. One of the Palestinians was injured while removed from a tree.

The activists chose a strategic point in the orchard and this prevent the whole project of uprooting the orchard.

Electronic media report in the name of anarchists at Bil'in action that the injured Palestinian was severely beaten by the Israeli forces.

It also report that the anouncement of the uprooting was unlawfully delivered only a day before not enabling application for a stay to the highest court of justice.

This fence/wall structure is built by Israel to facilitate the transfer of the Palestinians from additional 10% of their lands remained from previous transfers.

These days, the Israeli media "celebrate" the 60th anniversary to the end of the Jewish holocaust. It report on tens of thousands of Israeli Jews teens marching to the extermination camps in Poland. This "educational" project serves as a preparation (and justification) for their doing few years later transfer, suppression and other horrible acts towards the Palestinian like these in Bil'in.

On 22 October 2004, about 12 cities anarchists demonstrated in solidarity with the struggle of the Israeli anarchists and the Palestinians against this Apartheid wall/fence.

(Some people say that 15th of May, the 57th anniversary of the 1948 transfer of the Palestinians and the establishment of the Israeli state is a proper date for such activity. I.

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