Monday, May 16, 2005

Israel, Tel-Aviv, Street political art for the independance/nakba day 16 May

Graphities to commemorate the forced transfer of the Palestinians at 1948 were sprayed all over Tel Aviv, and names of streets were changed in memory of the Nakba. Tens of anarchist self labeled "the committee for the commemoration of the Nakba" roamed at night in the streets of Tel-Aviv, hanged corrected maps in which were marked the villages which were forcibly evacuated in 1948. They have also changed names of streets to these that commemorate what happened in the Nakba - the forced transfer of the indigenous Palestinian people using violence, terror and massacres, to facilitate the building of Israel as a Jewish state.

The maps also included the route of the separation wall which is built in these days, as means to continue the dispossession of the Palestinians from more lands.

Streets were changed in order to introduce the history of the Nakba to the Israeli agenda which suppress and obliterate it. For instance: Dir Yasin street [the famous village near Jerusalem more than 100 of its inhabitants were massacred in one attack], The Intifada street, etc.

The distribution of maps and the changes in names of streets were done for the Israeli "independence day" which is the day of the Nakba under the label of the anarchists for the memory of the Nakba. The group did it as an act political street art of nonviolent protest, that come to commemorate what the Israeli Jewish public make efforts to forget.

As a statement the committee declared:
"Under the celebrating flags you hold high - we still remember that 57 years ago you expelled in our name 700 thousands women, men and children [larger number than the 600 thousands Jews at the land that time] and turned them into refugees. Between the explosion of the firecrackers you shoot, we still remember that you destroyed more than 500 villages in which they lived. The smell of the animals burnt on the barbecue remind us the massacre in Dir Yasin and tens of less famous massacres.

We remember that in beginning of this month the occupation army killed two boys who play football. We came to remind all that the Nakba which started 57 years ago continue till this day.... in your name and in ours, and the resistance to it is the obligation of all of us.

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