Sunday, May 15, 2005

Palestine-Israel, Bil'in, This morning, Palestinians, Anarchists and ISM fortified on the separation fence's route 15 May

The Nakba day of 15th May 1948 was commemorated in the village of Bil'in in another protest against the apartheid fence - the present link in the chain of the Zionist occupation.
At 05:00 in the morning, members of the local committee of village, Anarchists against the fence, and international activists arrived at Bil'in's work site along the route of the separation fence.
The activists fortified themselves inside iron barrels, chained themselves to each other and refused to go away. Their aim was to prevent the bulldozers from continuing in the building the apartheid fence which confiscate more than half of the lands of the village.

At 06:00 in the morning, 10 jeeps of the army, border police, and police arrived. At 07:00 6 israeli activists were detained, amongst them a photographer who was not even taken part in the action. Their excuse was it is a closed military area. At 07:30 - the time the report was written, there were still army forces there, and people worry the village will be victim of a violent suppression of the village.

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Anti-fence protesters detained
Israelis and Palestinians belonging to an anarchist group clashed with IDF soldiers Sunday morning in a bid disrupt construction work on the West Bank security fence.

During the clashes, which took place in the village of Bil'in, forces detained six protesters, the IDF said.

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