Sunday, May 15, 2005

Palestine-Israel, Asira Al'Shamalia, Tel-Aviv, The daily struggle continue 15 May

Palestinians, Anarchists against The Fence, and ISM dismantled two roadblocks between Nablus and Asira Al'Shamalia. 11 May 2005 In an action which 250 man and women took part in the dismantling of the roadblocks that prevented free movement of people between . Asira Al'Shamalia and Nablus.
In a common action for inhabitants of Asira Al'Shamalia, Anarchists Against The Fence and ISM people two military roadblocks which cut for the last 5 years the village from the city Nablus, where the universities, the hospitals, work places, and other vital services.

The 250 women and men marched towards the roadblocks which were not guarded at that time, and with the help of bulldozers moved the big concrete blocks, leveled the piles of earth, and reopened the road to Nablus.

Since the Israeli army cut the road 5 years ago, the 10 minutes waking distance to Nablus was replaced by a more than an hour of problematic and costly round about way for the teachers, the ill, students and workers.

In the day Israel is celebrating its independent day, entirely disregarding from the Palestinian tragedy caused by it at 1948 and the occupation of 1967, we see a special importance and a unique symbolic meaning to that action.

More than the opening of the road, we are protesting by this act against the canonization policy, the closures these road blocks are expression of.

We will continue to struggle against the occupation and suppression for justice equality and freedom to all.

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