Sunday, May 29, 2005

Palestine-Israel, Bil'in, Beit Surik - the daily struggle continue 29 May

Friday, the Israeli state forces "succeeded" to block a contingent of anarchists against the wall initiative who were on their way to a joint demonstration against the apartheid fence at Bil'in. The army and police detained the Israelis on their way at the Nielin road block. First, the comrades were detained for three hours at the road block on the pretext that the region was declared a closed military zone - open only for the Israeli colonialist settlers. Than they were arrested and were arrested and held two additional hours at the Givat Zeev police before being released. However, like previous times when our comrades were prevented from arriving to joint demos, round about routs were found, and so was today's Sunday. This time, to another village of the region where two monthes ago state forces masquarading as Palestinians shoot on demonstrators and arrested few of them. The nonviolent demonstration at the fence building succeeded today to stop the works.

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In the demonstration participated less than a hundred local villagers, Anarchists Against The Wall and internationals. However, they succeeded to prevent the army and the builders company to do preparation works for the heavy equipment and bulldozers that will be used to rob big part of the lands of Beit Surik.

The demonstration started to march from Beit Surik towards the route of the fence at 09:00 in the morning. They arrived to the vicinity of the settlement Har Adar from where the surveyors of the route were supposed to start their day work.

Five jeeps of the border police, a police car of the special forces, and a lorry with horses of mounted police arrived as a reinforcement to the builder company guards.... But all of them stayed within the parameters of the settlement and did not approach the demonstrators.

The stand still continued till noon, when the state forces and surveyors left the place, and so did the demonstrators... With no arrested or injured among the demonstrators, the works were stopped for the day.

The works on the route of the fence through the lands of Beit Surik were blocked for few months by a stay order of the Israeli pseudo "highest court of justice", which canceled it few weeks ago following a minor change in the route. The army notified the inhabitants of Beit Surik that the works will resume to day... but failed to do so.

In the previous round of demonstrations two months ago Israeli forces masquerading as Palestinians shoot on the demonstrators and detained 6 of the demonstrators, but released them when they have learnt that Israelis who were in the demo photographed their activity and delivered the material to the media.

A short video clip of that shooting is at:

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